Getting Back on Track

Since my focus has recently been on my regular job, this blog has unfortunately found its way to a low spot on my priority list. I resolve this year to bring it back.

I realized recently how much I love making the digital stories. I still have lots of tales to tell my family, and I also believe digital media is an effective way to share this type of information.

I’ve also had some reasons to begin to consider making old fashioned paper printouts and books for the children in my life, and the number one reason for that is the recently disabled rootsweb website. Many people parked their family information on rootsweb and shared in the spirit of goodwill. Now security issues and possibly other business decisions have taken this resource offline, at least for now.

I had quite a bit of storytelling on rootsweb, and I am glad I kept a back up copy of my stories. I will be migrating them to this blog, and also producing paper copies of the stories for future safekeeping.

Hope you aren’t too affected by the rootsweb outage.