One Photo One Voice: Telling the stories behind the photos

I just added an article about simple digital video stories on the main site. The blog has a couple of these already, with more in progress. I plan to eventually group related videos together and see if they’ll make a nice digital photo album or scrapbook.

There is so much information rattling around in my head when I look at our family photos. It’s important to me to get that information out in whatever format gets a response. I like the “one photo, one voice” format because it’s me, telling the story in my own voice. Many people hate the sound of their own voice when they do recordings, but think of what a gift this is for the intended audience. How many of us would love to have grandma back again, sitting beside us, telling us about the photos in the photo album? It is exciting to be able to preserve that experience at least somewhat by recording little narrations to go with the photos.

If you haven’t considered making little videos like this, think about it a bit. I wrote the article about the process using two free programs. The only cost is your time, especially if you’ve already scanned the photos into your computer.

Allergy to cow’s milk

1939 Chicago IL Joanne with toys from Barbara Pahlow on Vimeo.

This is a professional photo of my mother Joanne Pease, probably taken somewhere in Chicago. She looks to be around a year old, so this is 1939. I was told she had an allergy to cow’s milk when she was a baby. They were able to substitute goat’s milk. The allergy caused her to scratch herself. This picture shows toys in her hands which were given to her to keep her from scratching.


1960s Lansing IL, Cuddly Dudley

1960s Lansing IL Cuddly Dudley from Barbara Pahlow on Vimeo.

This stuffed dog was a big deal. In Chicago, in the 1960s, there was a popular morning show for children called Ray Rayner and Friends, and the dog’s name was Cuddly Dudley. Cuddly Dudley was often featured on the Ray Rayner Show. One of my grownups bought this stuffed Cuddly Dudley for us.

The cardboard box behind it was the dog’s house. Our next door neighbor Maxine came over to visit Cuddly Dudley.She is the pretty girl in the dress on the left. My sister Kris is sitting in front of the dog. Her hair is messy, but at least she has her shoes on. I have my glasses on. This picture was taken in the mid 1960s, in my grandma Helen’s living room, in Lansing Illinois.